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ShineVue LED

Billboard LED lighting to retrofit Panel-Vue®, Sign-Vue I, II® and Crouse-Hinds® fixtures

Why go LED?

Light Emitting Diodes, more commonly known as “LEDs”, represent the best in lighting technology today. Though they have been used in industrial and commercial applications for more than 20 years, their move into the outdoor market has been tedious. The progression to effectively light billboards with LEDs has required new and inventive approaches. We are proud to have partnered with Global Tech LED to meet the challenge and offer a unique solution with ShineVue™ LED billboard lighting.

The ShineVue LED™ Retrokit marries the best of new lighting with the best of what has long been the industry’s standard go-to fixtures, the Holophane Sign-Vue™ and Panel-Vue™ (Crouse-Hinds retro also available). Our approach to billboard LED utilizes the premiere Philips Rebel™ chips in a unique “cluster” configuration that takes full advantage of the prismatic lenses of both fixture styles. All internal components of the Holophane® fixtures are replaced with a self-contained kit that transforms the unit into one that reduces power consumption by 75% and still offers full lighting coverage and consistent performance.

Coupled with the proper drivers, heat dissipating components and other Global Tech LED patented fixture technologies, ShineVue LEDs represent the brightest LED light fixtures available for an LED Retrokit. Furthermore, it produces a much wider spectrum of light than conventional lighting alternatives (6,000-7,500°K). As a result, the perceived light emitted from ShineVue fixtures is much higher than conventional counterparts, and is much easier on human eyes (without a lot of wasted spill over light as well to reduce light pollution).

How much will I save?

A lot...

ShineVue LED’s use only a 100-watt maximum power consumption for dramatic energy cost reduction. And, a 100,000-hour expected LED life means drastically reduced maintenance costs (materials and labor) over the life of the fixture. "Lights out" on high energy usage and continuously increasing power bills.

In the New England area, running a single 400-watt metal halide consuming 468 watts for 365 hours (one month 12 hours per day) would cost $27.33 in electricity alone based on the average retail price of electricity. Because the ShineVue LED uses only 100 watts, running the light for 365 hours will cost only $5.76 under the same scenario. In addition, you will no longer spend time or money replacing bulbs (average cost of $150 per face). In just one year for one billboard with four fixtures using ShineVue LED, you would save $1,035.36 on your electric bill alone (not counting maintenance and bulb savings). Imagine the savings if every billboard light you owned was using ShineVue LED technology!

To view rebates and incentives for your state, go to www.dsireusa.org

We also have a full fixture option if a retrofit isn't desired. Contact us for more information. Click to read frequently asked questions.

Note: Be sure that inside and outside of Holophane lens is thoroughly cleaned and free of any stains or cracks. A dirty or marred lens can severely hamper the performance of the light.

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ShineVue LED Retrokit


ShineVue LED Retrokit 100 Watt (includes everything for one fixture for either Sign-Vue or Panel-Vue)

MarQuee LED 100 Watt full fixture

LED lights

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