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Irvin Steel Inc.

Irvin Steel is committed to bringing you outdoor solutions that are innovative, safe and reliable. From our non-conductive, lightweight strong fiberglass skirting, frames and catwalks, to specially designed ladders and jib cranes, or LED retrokit lighting, or LED full fixture lighting, or LED Solar Lighting, our goal is to provide you with all the tools you’ll need to remain productive, safe and profitable.

Whether you need ratchets and rods, lights and ladders, a poster conversion system, a complete billboard frame changeout, or backlit LED imprints, our pricing, quality, options and customer service will make your job easier and faster. Visit our resource center page to see how easily our patented StormTamer panel-less frame goes together or to find out more about how well our patented catwalk saves time and money today!

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Irvin Steel Product Spotlight -
LED Billboard lighting - MarQuee LED™

Finally, the billboard LED light youʼve been waiting for is here. With its unique approach and patent-pending features, MarQuee LED™ offers unparalleled performance,
LED life and lighting coverage.
• No hot or dark spots (each LED covers an extremely large portion of the billboard face)
• Longest LED lifespan (more than TWICE that of the average LED)
• 239,000-hour expected LED life with a five year warranty
• Designed for future enhancements (modular “brick” design means we have accounted for future LED enhancements without having to throw away your fixture)
• DLC compliant (required for most rebates)
• No snow build up
• Made in the USA
• Water tight components (brick IP67 ratings means it can be submerged in water up to 1 meter. And the driver is IP66 rated, meaning it can withstand a fire hose washdown)
• Reduce operating costs by up to 75% over HID
• Reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the need to change out bulbs...more

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